The totals window gives you a quick preview of how the selling price of this job breaks down. By comparing the numbers, you can see if one elements of the job seems to be over or under priced. If you feel that one of the elements is too high or too low, go back into the pricing window for that element and double check your numbers. (Any changes to your selling prices need to be made in the different pricing windows for the individual elements.) If you are doing a lineal foot price, try the Materials + Labor + Profit method to see how they compare. If you are using the Materials + Labor + Profit method, switch back and forth between that method and the Lineal Foot method and try find what a good lineal foot price is for the way you build cabinets. It may help you at times if a customer needs a quick estimate and you don't have the time to lay the job out in Cabinet Solutions.

If you apply a tax to the entire job, enter the tax amount in the box provided to the right of the words "Job Tax".