Assign Standards

Cabinet Solutions creates each cabinet with a file of information called a standards file. This file is stored with each cabinet and gives that cabinet the instructions it needs to be constructed the way you want it to be. If every cabinet within a job has the same standards file saved with it, they will all be built the same way. However, there may be times when you want individual cabinets or rooms of cabinets to differ from the rest of the job. The "Assign Standards" button is a tool that allows you to pick one or more cabinets in a room so you can "Assign" those cabinets a different standards file.

Note: Once you have changed a cabinets individual Cabinet Standards any changes to your Job Standards will not affect that one cabinet. Resetting a cabinet to your Job Standards is possible and will be explained in this chapter.

To Assign Standards to one or more cabinets within this room:

  1. In the Place Cabinets Screen, click on the Assign Standards button in the Tool Box to the right of the screen. You will notice a new Tool Box appear. You are now set to select the cabinets whose standards you want to change.
  2. To select a cabinet, simply move your mouse cursor to where it is touching the cabinet you want to change then click the left mouse button. The outline of the cabinet you've selected will change colors to a bright blue. This indicates which cabinets have been selected.
  3. Continue clicking on cabinets until you've highlighted all the cabinets that you want to change. You can click on the "Select All Cabinets" button if you want to change all the cabinets in this particular room.
    • Note: By clicking on a cabinet a second time causes the cabinet to become "deselected" and that cabinet then won't get its standards changed.
  4. Once you've selected all the cabinets in the group of cabinets you want to change, click on the "Prepare Standards" button. This will open up the standards window.
  5. You can now go in and manually change the standards you want changed for this group of cabinets. If you have already saved a set of standards in your list of standards files, you can simply click on the file menu and open the standards file you want applied to this group of cabinets.
  6. Once you've adjusted the standards, click on the "Apply to Selected Cabinet(s)" button. The changes are now in affect.

If you move your mouse cursor around, as it touches each cabinet information about that cabinet appears in the top of the Tool Box. Included in that information is whether a cabinet follows the Job Standards or its own individual Cabinet Standards. Remember, any cabinet that uses Cabinet Standards will not be affected if you change the Job Standards. To get a cabinet back to using Job Standards, simply click on the cabinet to select it. Then click on the "Apply Job Standards" button. This cabinet will now respond to any changes you make in the Job Standards.