Counter Tops (Job Costing)

Like installation and finishing, counter tops may be provided by someone other than you or you may figure the counter top into your bid in some other way. If so, select one of the first 2 radio buttons. For those who cost the counters out separately, Cabinet Solutions has 3 pricing options for you:

  1. Price the counters by the lineal foot, including profit.
  2. Price the counters by the square foot, including profit.
  3. Price the counters by the cost of materials + labor + profit.
  1. Select the radio button in front of the costing method that you want to use.
  2. If you choose a. or b., enter your price per foot in the dialog box provided. Be sure to include your profit in the price per foot.
  3. If you choose c: To get the correct Total Material Cost, you will need to input your costs for the materials needed for this job. To do this, click on the "Materials Costing" button.