Smart Placer

The different functions of Smart Placer include:

  1. Avoiding Overlapping: The Smart Placer prevents the cabinets from occupying the same physical space. The Smart Placer snaps a cabinet to the nearest open space. If the space is too small for the cabinet, the cabinet will shrink to fit in the open space. This allows you to fill a space simply by over-sizing the cabinet and placing it in the space.
  2. Snapping the Sides of Cabinets Together: If you choose NOT to use the Smart Placer, you would have to line up the cabinets and fit them next to each other with painstaking manual precision. But using the Smart Placer makes positioning easier. Simply overlap the sides of the cabinets and they will automatically snap together. For example, if you are placing a dishwasher next to a sink cabinet, simply place the dishwasher so that it slightly overlaps the sink on the side that you want the dishwasher to be placed.
  3. Aligning Uppers Over Bases: It can be difficult to manually align uppers over bases. Smart Placer automatically aligns an upper over a base. Whenever the center and one edge of an upper is over a base, the edge of the upper is aligned with the edge of the base. Smart Placer will also align the brick chimney over the brick fireplace and the brick fireplace over the brick hearth to make it easier for you to align the brick fireplace pieces.
  4. Clearances from Cabinets to Doors and Windows: In the standards you specify the clearance from doors and windows. The Smart Placer prevents you from placing a cabinet too close to a door, window, or obstruction. When you try to place it too close, the cabinet is automatically snapped to the minimum clearance distance you have specified in the standards.
  5. Snap Cabinets in Corners: The Smart Placer makes it easy to place a cabinet in a corner. When the cabinet overlaps the adjacent wall in the corner, the cabinet automatically snaps snugly into the corner.
  6. NOTE: When the Smart Placer is turned off, the cabinet is placed exactly where you position it regardless of whether that position is physically possible or practical.