Cabinet Standards

Sometimes there are individual cabinets or rooms full of cabinets that will be built differently than the rest of the job. For example, if there are backs in the base cabinets, but there is a sink base that has so much plumbing in it that the back would have to be removed to install the cabinet. In this case, the best option would be to change the standards for one individual cabinet. Cabinet Solutions allows changes to be made to these changes through Cabinet Standards. They are standards that can be set, that affect only that one individual cabinet.

While Job Standards are typically set before the laying out of a job, Cabinet Standards must be changed after the cabinets have been placed. Theoretically changes can be made to each individual cabinet in a job with different standards, though this feature is most helpful when making one-of-a-kind pieces such as an entertainment center or bookcases within a particular job. A cabinet will have its own standards if and only if changes are made to its Cabinet Standards.

Note: Once you have changed a cabinet's individual Cabinet Standards, any changes to your Job Standards will not affect that one cabinet. Resetting a cabinet to your Job Standards is possible in the Place Cabinet Screen and the Assign Standards button.

There are three places to access and change a cabinet's individual Cabinet Standards. The first is in the Place Cabinets screen. When in this screen, the tool box at the left will have a button near the bottom labeled Assign Standards

The second place to set an individual cabinet a unique standards file is in the Edit Elevations screen. While in the Edit Elevations screen, select single cabinets and do a variety of customizing processes to them, including changing their Cabinet Standards.

The last method actually brings up the custom cabinet screen that's described in section above. Click on the cabinet to be customized one time and click on Customize Cabinet and it will bring up the same Custom Cabinet screen as if it were from the Edit Elevations screen.

Using the Standards