Opening a Saved Set of Standards

  1. Enter the "Job Standards" window, either through the "Adjust Job Standards" button in the "Job Information" window or through the "Adjust Job Standards" option in the menu bar.
  2. Click on the button named "Load Standards From File" towards the top of Standards window.
  3. In the standard Windows Open File window, select the set of Job Standards that you would like to load.
  4. Click on the Open button at the bottom towards the right side of the window.

These standards are now set as the Job Standards for this job. You can use these standards just as they are or you can change them if you need to for this job. This same process can be used to set the standards for individual cabinets as well. Just pick the individual cabinets you want to change and follow the above steps to give the cabinet a new standards file.


  1. The standards <<Factory Face Frame Standards>> , and <<Factory Euro Standards>> , are the files for the Cabinet Solutions factory defaults. They only exist as samples to be used when experimenting with your new program and are not stored as an actual file that you can accidentally save over.
  2. Just because you click the Euro or Face Frame button in the "Job Standards" window, does not mean the corresponding standards file is loaded. You may still need to follow the steps above to load a specific standards file.