Saving Job Standards

  1. Enter the Job Standards window, either through the "Adjust Job Standards" button in the "Job Information" window, or through the "Standards" option in the menu bar.
  2. Once the Job Standards have been set in the manner you want, click on the button marked "Save Standards To File" towards the top of the Standards window.
  3. Next, a standard windows Save File box that allows you to pick a location to save your standards to. If you change your Standards to a different location than default, then that new location will be the new default. Type in the name you wish to save your Standards. NOTE:  Standards can be any name length up to 128 characters, including spaces, dashes and underscores. YOU CANNOT SAVE A STANDARD WITH A / \ , . OR ? AS PART OF THE NAME.
  4. After you've finished typing in the desired name, move your mouse to click the Save button in the lower right part of the window. These standards are now saved.

Repeat this process with each set of standards that you want saved.